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This is a blog dedicated to girls with curves! And the men and women who admire those curves!
I want this blog to inspirational to fuller-figured women (and men) who have struggled with their weight, and their body image, to give them confidence and to show that they are beautiful and sexy!

If you do not agree with what I post, or you think the women in the pictures I post are "obese" or unhealthy, don't bother following or messaging me. I made this blog for the people who love seeing curvy, chubby, plump and thick women.

I post pictures of plus sized women and fashion, curvy women, sexy pictures and curve positive posts. Some of what I post may be NSFW.

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Elly Mayday looks absolutely gorgeous in this simple shot. 
For more body positivity and curves, check out my blog :)


Elly Mayday looks absolutely gorgeous in this simple shot. 

For more body positivity and curves, check out my blog :)


Got my new fatkini from Forever 21+ (size 3X). It’s wonderful!
For reference, I’m a size 2X in shirts and my bra size is 46D.



So, this is actually a bit of a special OotD!  SWAK Designs ( recently sent me some of their pieces to try out and I thought I would share with you guys.

Dress ~ SWAK Designs (2x)
Vest ~ SWAK Designs (2x)
Tights ~ Catherines (5x/6x)
Shoes ~ Journeys (11)
Belt ~ ASOS Curve
Headband ~ Walmart
Necklace ~
Bracelet ~ DIY

I’m sporting the Classic Denim Vest by SWAK and I have to say it’s one of my favorite plus size denim vests to date.  The material is incredibly soft and also stretchy, something that is hard to come by when it comes to vests of the denim variety.  The fit is very comfortable while still being fitted enough to not look bulky.  I’m totally looking forward to adorning this with my favorite brooches and using it for many different styles/outfits.

Juliet Dress (in black) has officially topped the list for basic/black plus size dresses
 I own.  I cannot even begin to describe how soft, comfortable, and enjoyable this is to wear (I mean really, I could sleep in it).  The material has wonderful stretch to it and the shape of the dress is very lovely and feminine.  While being basic, it has nice little touches like the scooped neckline, ruched bust, and sleeve length that keeps it far from bland.  On top of that, it’s extremely easy to accessorize and incorporate into a myriad of looks.  For instance, this is one of the only things in my closet that works really well with my healing crystal accessories. 

So far, SWAK definitely has an A+ in my book and I would definitely recommend checking them out!

Note: I definitely like this look better without tights, but seeing as Kentucky’s weather is so sporadic (and bone chilling, as of late) just wasn’t doable on this particular day.

BLOG UPDATE: Spirals & Bows #plussize #blogger #fashion #fatshion w/ @lydiahudgens


BLOG UPDATE: Spirals & Bows #plussize #blogger #fashion #fatshion w/ @lydiahudgens


02 April 2014

faux-mono (I like this term because it’s not a real kimono) - H&M

floral maxi dress - from dienuu's online shoppe!

boots - Payless

necklace - F21

lips - NYX’s matte lipstick in the color “Merlot” (I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHADE)

it’s rainy and dreary and that whole “April showers” bs, but at least I look cute

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01 April 2014 - An April Fool Not in Florals

cardigan - Target (size XL)

dress - not sure, but lumpy-pizza-princess gave it to me! (size XL)

tights - unsure, I think Kmart

booties - Old Navy clearance

lips - Covergirl’s “Eternal”

I sneezed in the second picture, in case anyone is interested.